MÉXICO, AYOTZINAPA. «The story of a state of terror»


This written document is the view point of the Ayotzinapa´s students as written in independent media. The opinions of this document may cause controversy. We warn the readers to investigate on the matter as its a delicate topic to address.

Historic background.

There has been much discussion on the subject of Ayotzinapa. When questioned, the subject raises several important questions and debates. One of the main questions is: What is an «Escuela rural normal» in Mexico?. This is because in order to talk about Ayotzinapa Mexico, it is important to firstly understand this topic.

To give a short explanation, in 1921 the indigenous people in Mexico started to receive education from a different method of teaching, the John Dewey Pedagogic Method. This was ordered by The president Alvaro Obregon and Jose Vasconcelos, the Head of the education office at México (SEP). This method was named «Escuela rural normal». The purpose of this education method was to increase certain level of autonomy and to give a way of thinking (education) to the Mexican indigenous populations. In short, this was the platform for the birth of the indigenous petitions.

These educated indigenous dissidents have a version of the events on September 2014. Is this version a threat for the Mexican government?

This is a controversial topic and has fair arguments from the official media and the non official media. In the Ayotzinapa ´s students opinion they can not agree on the version of the official media for various reasons:

Firstly, it is documented in official and non official media that as the economic and political goals of the Mexican government walked an opposite direction from the indigenous petitions, the need for erasing the education facilities that gave birth to the indigenous petitions, was a priority for several presidents.

Secondly, it is registered in independent media that the Mexican government strongly decided to erase from the map the increasing number of indigenous named dissidents demanding their believed rights. In the state of Guerrero, various rights petitions from the indigenous communities ended with citizens disappearing. But that was until the recent events of September 2014 when it was discovered that the Mexican Government is using mercenary elite and under-covered military groups named «Death Squads». The purpose of these death Squads was already known by several reporters and civil representatives.

As an example, the head of the organization «Movimiento Ciudadano» Enique Monreal Avila in his book «Escuadrones de la muerte en México» gave us an introduction to what is definitely the illegal use of forbidden forces used by the government against the citizens. The aim of these forces is according to the Ayotzinapa´s students, to make somebody disappear if is an opposite member of the new economic development that the richest and the most powerful people from the government may have in mind for the indigenous land.

Finally, the version of the official media, contrary to the evidence presented by the Ayotzinapa student´s parents, tells the population a very different story. While the official media show a crime perpetrated by two high ranking government employees by the use of mercenaries from the drug cartels and the organized crime. The Ayotzinapa´s population and the independent media show the annihilation of communities fighting for their civil rights. This annihilation was perpetrated according to Ayotzinapa´s population by the named «Death Squads» in accomplishment of governmental orders.

Stealing, killing, lying as the common practices against the weak.

In conclusion, despite there being much debate and different points of view on the real version of the disappearance of the Ayotzinapa´s students, the point of view of these indigenous populations is that there is an evident lack of interest for the well-being of the indigenous population from the side of the government. As well as a lack of mercy and a government that prefers to steal from the poor instead of create wealth, that prefers to practice slavery instead to giving opportunities to the weakest.

Under this scenario if what is mentioned by the independent media and the population from Ayotzinapa is true, then there is a warning for the Mexican population. That means that now the government may be using the strategies common in the days of one of the most well known assassins of all times in Mexico´s history: Gustavo Diaz Ordaz and the state of terror founded by the PRI.

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