What really goes on behind the scenes of the current Israel-Hamas conflict.

I am publishing this article in English because of the fact that I would like to see if you can share it with a wider scope of friends, especially after hearing the nonsense that many mass media outfits have been disseminating about the current situation in the Gaza Strip.

Let us remember first of all, that Palestine as a state is a conception created by Yassir Arafat and the Soviet Union, as an effort to thwart and stall the advancement of democracy in the Middle East and to enforce and promote communism, things have not changed much from 1964 until today. It may not be communism but it definitely is totalitarianism. As of today, the only true democracy in the area is Israel and if one compares the position of Israel with regard to the rest of the region, it is a self-evident truth the Israel is way more advanced than any of its Arab counterparts, precisely because of the greater freedom that Israelis enjoy.

I had the opportunity to converse with a friend of mine from Egypt the other day on Facebook about the situation in his country and how is it that Hamas continuously breaches the borders, goes into Egypt, kidnaps and tortures innocent Egyptians who are out of the direct conflict between Israel and Hamas. The reason for this is very simple; there is a wide and complex system organised by state-sponsored terrorism which aims at destroying Israel with the sole intent of controlling the strategic position where Israel lies and to control the Arab peninsula and Africa.

Just like most of the conflicts in history which use religion as the cause of war, the modern islamist cause is based on the struggle of power between the Sunni Muslims and the Shiite Muslims, who subject entire populations to the scourge of war to advance economic and ideological interests. The problem is reaching epic proportions, especially because of the obvious and blatant bias by the media, who far from providing accurate and impartial information, as Journalism is supposed to be, it focuses on one side of the conflict only and they tergiversate the facts to increase their ratings and to cater to their sponsors.

It has come now to be a daily deal to hear about the rockets that Hamas fires against Israel on an almost daily basis. Aside from a few American outfits and the Israeli media, most of the information that is broadcasted tends to portray Israel as an evil Goliath that is after the poor and defenceless Palestine that is subject to the abuse of a cruel Israel who wishes to drive out the Palestinian people from their due lands.

It has come to be “realised” by many so-called intellectuals that the conflict is the fault of the Israeli government that pursues a policy of systematic elimination because of the fact that the higher echelons of power in the United States and England are controlled by the Jewish people; this, in turn, results into the United Nations sitting idly by, gladly encouraging the massacre of «innocent civilians» at the hands of the evil Jews because the United States and England control the United Nations.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. For starters, the so-called Palestinian Authority is really the political arm that Hamas uses to try to obtain undue legitimacy for what it does, which is to promote violence and chaos under the disguise of self-defence and the promotion of Islam, when in reality what Hamas does is to cowardly shield behind civilian populations after attacking Israelis, plus it does money laundering for major players in the area who hide behind dark curtains but who control the scene. People tend to forget that Israel is not only inhabited by the Jewish people, in fact, Israel is also inhabited by Moslems and Christians alike, so if we were to take the rationale used by Hamas to justify its atrocious acts, we would find that it is a fallacy because by attacking Israeli citizens of Moslem descent, Hamas is not really protecting the Muslim people as it allegedly is set to do so by stating that it promotes Islamic values, where one of them is not to kill Muslims.

In the introduction of the Hamas Charter of 1998, Hamas states in its introduction that it derives its action from Islam and from the aim to achieve peace; on article two, ibidem, Hamas clearly states its connection with the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt. Let us remember that it was the Egyptian people who ousted the Muslim Brotherhood because of their brutality and bloodthirsty attitude that even tried violating basic principles of democracy and that resulted in the incarceration of several hundreds of agitators that were about to collapse the foundations of the Egyptian state.
If one is to justify Hamas’ actions by resorting to the letter with regard to what the Hamas Charter says, one will be considered to be naïve, since it is clear that the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood is not the largest Islamic movement, as said Charter says, but the largest Islamist movement. Notice the difference in the wording, an Islamic movement promotes Islamic values which even though we may not agree with them, is very different from the Islamist regime that Hamas is trying to impose. Islamism is the political current that wishes to install political regimes that take certain elements from Islam to advance other political causes under the façade of religion.

It would be puerile for anyone to think that the aims of Hamas and its financiers are purely religious objectives. What really goes on behind the scenes of this so-called “religious” movement is in fact a desire of its sponsors to control the Middle-East and to control the petrol supply lines, commerce and the military, without having to adhere to the “bothersome” ways of democracy and the rule of law. Let us remember that this mise en scène put into place by Hamas about promoting “Islamic” values is really a political collusion between Iran and Saudi Arabia along with some minor players and some hidden ones. One cannot help but to ask this question; how is it that if the Saudis are financing rebels in Syria under the guise that they are promoting Sunni Moslems, which in turn places them in opposition to the Shiite-backed regime of Mr. Assad financed by Shiites from Iran, that both Sunnis and Shiites are working together in Gaza to finance Hamas?

The Wahabis in Saudi Arabia are financing Sunni terrorism throughout the Arab peninsula and deeply dislike Iran, so how is it then that they finance Hamas, which works closely with Iran? For those naïve enough to think that peace would be achieved in the Middle East by eliminating Israel, God forbid, truth of the matter is that even in the hypothetical situation where that were to happen, the age-old rivalries between Sunnis and Shiites, who colluded to fight the Wahabis, would result into a continued struggle and violence would not recede. We need to keep in mind that Israel is just the but de guerre that is currently being used, in an opportunistic move by Saudi Arabia and Iran to justify the positioning of terrorist organisations such as Hamas, Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood, but they had other “common enemies” in the past.

It would be completely nonsensical to think that with the hatred with which the political agitators of these branches of Islam act, that they would reconcile with each other and that peace would be achieved. The difference between Sunni Muslims and Shiite Muslims dates back to the writing of the Quran, because of an issue related to the succession of the leadership after Mohammad died. Israel did not exist back then as it did today and yet there was bloodshed and chaos because of the fact that some believed that Muhammad should be succeeded by a member of his family where others believed he should be succeeded by an ideal person.

In reality what really went on, just like it happens with most organised religions, is that there was a power struggle for other aims, not necessarily related with axiology or religion but where religion had been used as a weapon to control and subdue the masses that end up fighting battles and wars that in the end are only going to benefit the agitators of those conflicts in the first place, and to the sole and personal benefit of the stirrers of those conflicts.

I presented this hypothetical example just so the detractors of Israel can see that even in the absence of the Jewish state, there would not be any peace in the Middle East or in Africa. I am not intending for my words to be misused, since I presented the hypothetical example to further strengthen my position of total support for Israel, but that does not mean that I am in favour of eliminating Israel, quite the contrary, I am a pro-Israel advocate because I truly believe the Israel is a nation that has brought great things to the world, and even if it had not done so, it has a right to exist, plain and simple.

Knowing that there is International Law and that the States are bound to adhere to international law, I do not understand how is it then, that the international community points the finger at Israel for defending itself, but they do not point the fingers to Saudi Arabia for financing terrorist organisations. It seems as if the petrol cartels are more powerful than Justice. Under International Law, Israel has the right to defend itself from any foreign aggression, especially when it is perpetrated by a group of countries who in theory are in conflict with each other, but in reality act in a colluded way but who are sneaky enough to create an umbrella organisation under the name of Hamas, to attack Israel with impunity because it is not a State, so International Law is not applied to it.

I guess people just do not pay attention to the daily news that show how is it that Israel gets bombarded by al-Kassam rockets almost on a daily basis, or how is it that Israeli medics and hospitals take care of people living in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, for free, or how is it that thousands of people living the Gaza Strip and the West Bank areas work inside Israel because the Palestinian Authority does not do anything for them, other than to subject them to the horrors of state terrorism.

If the international community were to act fairly and according to Justice, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Russia, Sudan, South Sudan and China, should be subject to sanctions. In the case of Saudi Arabia, Iran and Syria, it is obvious, they are the actors on stage that finance these terrorist organisations, but there are also other players who are not as conspicuous but they definitely play their role. Russia and China vetoed the resolution at the United Nations that would have changed things in Syria, had the resolution gone through, it would have ousted an open supporter of Hezbollah and Hamas such as Mr. Assad, plus Russia sees Iran and Syria as strategic proxies and it condones the atrocities that the ayatollah and Mr. Assad commit; Sudan is where the weapons get manufactured and transported via underground tunnels from Egypt to the Gaza strip and China is acting in accordance to what Russia says, when it comes to affecting Israel and the West.
Israel, just like any other nation on Earth, has the right to self-defence; it is one of the underlying principles of any sovereign state. The media has the obligation to present the facts and not its opinions and the international community has the duty to enforce international law. What is happening in Israel has translated into other areas of Europe, Asia, Africa and even America. It is time to stop this and the way to do it is by spreading the word of what really goes on in Israel, after all, we may think of Israel as a far-away nation, but what is happening today in the Middle East may set the stage and blueprint for the world to come during the next fifty years.

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  1. Mi ingles no es muy bueno que digamos, pero tengo herramientas para llegar a una traduccion, en las noticias se habla mucho de esto y que una guerra estalle.
    Unos hablan a favor de Israel, otros en contra en fin se dicen muchas cosas, pero lo importante es la paz.

    1. Correcto Antonio, pero para que haya paz es necesario eliminar a Hamás. No entiendo cómo es que siendo Hamás una organización terrorista sunita financiada por sunitas, se vaya a aliar con Hezbolá, una organización terrorista chiíta fiancianda por Irán. Es toda una contradicción, pero si se toman en cuenta otros factores acerca de la posición estratégica de Israel y de la Franja de Gaza, entonces se puede ver que lo último que le interesa a los financiadores de Hamás es el bienestar de los gazatíes o de los cisjordanos.

  2. Mi ingles no es muy bueno que digamos, pero tengo herramientas para llegar a una traduccion, en las noticias se habla mucho de esto y que una guerra estalle.
    Unos hablan a favor de Israel, otros en contra en fin se dicen muchas cosas, pero lo importante es la paz.

  3. Saludos a todos.
    Amigo Felipe, lo de hamas y la OLP es una de las farsas mejor tramadas de la historia. Comenzando por que con los terroristas nunca hay nada que negociar. El estado de Israel lo unico que hace es defenderse, como lo han hecho cientos de paises a lo largo de la historia y mi España natal no es una excepcion.
    Si bien es bueno recordar la historia de vez en cuando para que los olvidadizos despierten, y ademas que lo haces de forma exquisita siempre, yo soy de los que creen que Israel no debe retroceder ni un milimetro, como no lo hizo nunca en la historia mas reciente.
    Gran post amigo, y como siempre muy acertado.
    Un abrazo

    1. Muchas gracias Jorge amigo por tu comentario. En realidad no debería de ser que tuviera que Israel tuviera que retroceder, pero dado las circunstancias en las que se encuentra se negoció en el 2000, un acuerdo que Yassir Arafat rehusó. Lo que se debe de hacer, primero que todo, es sacar a Hamás de la ecuación y estoy seguro que sin los terroristas de por medio, dudo mucho que la gente de Gaza quiera sacrificar su estilo de vida para favorecer intereses populistas.

      Mucha gente no sabe que el PIB per capita de Gaza es el mismo de un país de renta media-baja y que la expectativa de vida es de 73 años, esto según los datos del Banco Mundial, o sea, que no es tampoco que Gaza y Cisjordania sean países como los de África y si nos ponemos a analizar las causas endémicas del por qué se encuentra tan mal a en el Doing Business Report de Banco Mundial, es debido a la corrupción que hay dentro de las instituciones internas.

      En efecto, uno de los principales problemas, aparte de la balanza comercial en negativo, es precisamente, la corrupción. De hecho el PIB de Gaza y Cisjordania es de 10, 200 millones de dólares, con una población promedio de cuatro millones y medio de personas y que, si nos ponemos a analizar las cifras económicas más a fondo, el déficit de la balanza comercial es normal para un país de tercer mundo.

      En efecto, el problema más grande que esta región presenta es un aparato burocrático estatal excesivo y regulaciones y cargas impositivas muy altas, inclusive, el Banco Mundial realizó una comparación entre Cisjordania y Gaza con respecto a otros países de Medio Oriente y África Meridional y se puede ver que muchos de los problemas que resaltan a simple vista tienen que ver con trabas burocráticas al comercio más allá de los límites impuestos por Israel.

      De hecho, el coeficiente de GINI de Gaza y Cisjordania anda alrededor de 35%, es decir, que en comparación con la diferencia en ingresos, Gaza tiende a ser una sociedad muy egalitaria, lo cual no sería un problema, si no existieran otras variantes que hacen que el emprendedurismo disminuya, especialmente por el sistema social que desincentiva el empleo.

      Ya vendríamos a caer en un tema de ideologías porque habría que decidir por decantarse por un sistema de una economía de mercado libre o por un sistema mixto o por una centrazalido, pero el punto prevalece que el principal problema para el desarrollo de la región de Gaza y de Cisjordania es Hamás que ha establecido un aparato estatal burocrático enorme que retrasa el otorgamiento de permisos para comenzar un negocio y esto hace que disminuyan las posibilidades de comenzar una empresa y de generar empleos, lo que a su vez lleva a un deterioro en el ciclo económico por la disminución en el poder de compra del consumidor.

      Ninguno de estos hechos puede achacársele a Israel, sino a la misma Autoridad Palestina y a Hamás que son los responsables directos de esta situación, debido a que no han aplicado los modelos económicos de países exitosos y aun así, nótese que Israel brinda ayuda económica a los gazatíes y a los cisjordanos, que proviene del dinero de los contribuyentes israelíes.

      Los números no mienten, las palabras puede que sí. Entonces el tema de la pobreza en estos territorios obedece a políticas gubernamentales erradas y no tanto a factores externos, pues de eliminarse el terrorismo de Hamás, Israel estaría mucho más anuente a comerciar con Gaza y Cisjordania, lo que vendría a darle un impulso a la economía.

  4. Gracias por éste excelente post Felipe!

    Israel elige la vida al defenderse, es el derecho que el mundo quiere negarle y que la mayoría de la gente ignora gracias a la información sesgada de los medios.

    Un texto para compartir, para llevar algo de luz a un mundo carente de ella, carente de amor por la vida, y que obviamente ignora lo que el Eterno Bendito Sea, ha establecido para que juntos hagamos de éste planeta un verdadero paraíso, para que construyamos en lugar de aniquilarnos en pos de nuestros deseos y pasiones.

    Que prontamente veamos Paz.

  5. El Derecho internacional le asiste para que se defienda de los embates de los agresores. A veces en la vida, cuando se es luz, se quiere apagar esa luz, en definitiva todo aquel que se levante contra el sistema, que se le ponga de frente a la opresión y busque la libertad, es un hacedor de problemas, así les dicen los estadounidenses a las personas que no se adecuan al sistema. Tal parece que esa es la regla. Por eso es que hay que defender a Israel, porque trae luz al mundo y muchos quieren apagarla. Un abrazo mi querida amiga.

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