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Aside from the Torah, there’s an universal path for all the humankind. This path consist of seven basic categories of commandments. This seven categories provide the ethical and moral foundations for human society. What it more, there are hebraic sources which point out that all human beings should follow this commandments, given the fact that they’re within the boundaries of human reason, spirit and heart. (Talmud introduction by Rabbi Nissim Gaon).

There is an increasing number of people who are committed to fulfil the precepts of this universal path. We are known as the B’nei Noah – Descendants of Noah – since this commandments were reaffirmed during Noah’s generation after the great flood.

An ancient sage called Maimonides stated that this universal path was also reaffirmed when the Torah was given at the Mount Sinai. (Laws of Kings 8:11). We, the noahides accepted that the Torah was given to the jewish people at the Mount Sinai and therefore we understand that the overall of our identity relies upon the ancient sages of jewish tradition.

Just like you, most of the people is carrying a heavy bag full of christian teachings. The big difference is that in this moment that bag is becoming less and less heavy since we’ve accepted the teachings of the Torah regarding God’s oneness, the Messiah, the purpose of humankind among other related issues. We consider ourselves (and we are considered to be) friends of the jewish people all over the world, we respect their spiritual identity. Unlike many christian groups whose purpose is to convert the jewish people, we Noahides aim to support them on their spiritual path.

As friends of the jewish people, we reject any kind of anti-semitism and we support those ideas that procure the welfare of the jewish nation in their homeland Israel.

Around 2000 years ago many noahides started worshiping a man who many proclaimed was the only one through whom one could get closer to God. It is our duty to repudiate such belief and to chose to follow the truth, Abraham and Sarah’s original teachings that showed the correct way in which humans should pray to God. In fact, all major figures like Moshe, Aharon, Miriam, Deborah, David, Isaiah and Jeremiah, prayed directly to God. We can realise this just by reading the psalms of king David.

Sadly, nowadays, there are many groups preaching about the hebraic origins of christian faith. They claim this teachings are mandatory for humankind, nevertheless, from Torah’s perspective, those who pray directly to God, as the patriarchs did, are the only ones in touch with their authentic spiritual identity since they’re doing as Abraham, Sarah among other biblical figures did.

It’s good to remember that The Lord is near to all who call Him, to all who call Him with sincerity.” (Psalm 145:18). The sages of truth and light have explained that God is close to everyone regardless of nationality. In other words, you don’t need to become a jew in order to experience God’s love.

Many of us were told that our soul would be damned for ever and that we wouldn’t enter heaven if we didn’t accept christianity’s fake messiah as our “lord and savior.” Well, here you’ll be in good company, since according to this self-proclaimed christian “sages” the people of Israel will not enter the kingdom of heaven, we don’t pray nor do we consider such individual as our “lord and savior” but we rather to remember that: I, I am the Lord, and besides Me there is no Savior(Isaiah 43:11).

Try to learn this ancient teachings:

The righteous among the nations of the world will have a share in the World-to-Come.”

(Tosefta – Sanhedrin 13:1)

And it shall be at the end of the days, that the mountain of the Lord’s house shall be firmly established at the top of the mountains, and it shall be raised above the hills, and all the nations shall stream to it. And many peoples shall go, and they shall say, "Come, let us go up to the Lord’s mount, to the house of the God of Jacob, and let Him teach us of His ways, and we will go in His paths," for out of Zion shall the Torah come forth, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.” (Isaiah 2:2-3)

May the Lord guide you, bless you and protect you through the development of your noahide identity.

By Jonathan Ortiz

Translated by Hugo R. Valtierra

May H’ let this translation be according to His will and for the enlightenment and awakening of all noahides around the world.

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Let’s get started

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We choose among our thousands of text and articles the ones we thought might help you through.

Perhaps some of the concepts will trouble you a little. Give it time, you will get there.

From time to time you will cross with information that contradicts everything you’ve learned and believed up until now. Please be opened and give us a chance.

I can assure you that sometimes you’ll want to leave and never come back. But you’ll be back sooner or later.

Because you can always get something new to learn, to share, to think, to feel, to grow, to heal, to improve.

We are waiting for you and at your service.

I hope you have the best day of your life and with all the blessings you already enjoy.

What really goes on behind the scenes of the current Israel-Hamas conflict.

I am publishing this article in English because of the fact that I would like to see if you can share it with a wider scope of friends, especially after hearing the nonsense that many mass media outfits have been disseminating about the current situation in the Gaza Strip.

Let us remember first of all, that Palestine as a state is a conception created by Yassir Arafat and the Soviet Union, as an effort to thwart and stall the advancement of democracy in the Middle East and to enforce and promote communism, things have not changed much from 1964 until today. It may not be communism but it definitely is totalitarianism. As of today, the only true democracy in the area is Israel and if one compares the position of Israel with regard to the rest of the region, it is a self-evident truth the Israel is way more advanced than any of its Arab counterparts, precisely because of the greater freedom that Israelis enjoy.

I had the opportunity to converse with a friend of mine from Egypt the other day on Facebook about the situation in his country and how is it that Hamas continuously breaches the borders, goes into Egypt, kidnaps and tortures innocent Egyptians who are out of the direct conflict between Israel and Hamas. The reason for this is very simple; there is a wide and complex system organised by state-sponsored terrorism which aims at destroying Israel with the sole intent of controlling the strategic position where Israel lies and to control the Arab peninsula and Africa.

Just like most of the conflicts in history which use religion as the cause of war, the modern islamist cause is based on the struggle of power between the Sunni Muslims and the Shiite Muslims, who subject entire populations to the scourge of war to advance economic and ideological interests. The problem is reaching epic proportions, especially because of the obvious and blatant bias by the media, who far from providing accurate and impartial information, as Journalism is supposed to be, it focuses on one side of the conflict only and they tergiversate the facts to increase their ratings and to cater to their sponsors.

It has come now to be a daily deal to hear about the rockets that Hamas fires against Israel on an almost daily basis. Aside from a few American outfits and the Israeli media, most of the information that is broadcasted tends to portray Israel as an evil Goliath that is after the poor and defenceless Palestine that is subject to the abuse of a cruel Israel who wishes to drive out the Palestinian people from their due lands.

It has come to be “realised” by many so-called intellectuals that the conflict is the fault of the Israeli government that pursues a policy of systematic elimination because of the fact that the higher echelons of power in the United States and England are controlled by the Jewish people; this, in turn, results into the United Nations sitting idly by, gladly encouraging the massacre of «innocent civilians» at the hands of the evil Jews because the United States and England control the United Nations.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. For starters, the so-called Palestinian Authority is really the political arm that Hamas uses to try to obtain undue legitimacy for what it does, which is to promote violence and chaos under the disguise of self-defence and the promotion of Islam, when in reality what Hamas does is to cowardly shield behind civilian populations after attacking Israelis, plus it does money laundering for major players in the area who hide behind dark curtains but who control the scene. People tend to forget that Israel is not only inhabited by the Jewish people, in fact, Israel is also inhabited by Moslems and Christians alike, so if we were to take the rationale used by Hamas to justify its atrocious acts, we would find that it is a fallacy because by attacking Israeli citizens of Moslem descent, Hamas is not really protecting the Muslim people as it allegedly is set to do so by stating that it promotes Islamic values, where one of them is not to kill Muslims.

In the introduction of the Hamas Charter of 1998, Hamas states in its introduction that it derives its action from Islam and from the aim to achieve peace; on article two, ibidem, Hamas clearly states its connection with the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt. Let us remember that it was the Egyptian people who ousted the Muslim Brotherhood because of their brutality and bloodthirsty attitude that even tried violating basic principles of democracy and that resulted in the incarceration of several hundreds of agitators that were about to collapse the foundations of the Egyptian state.
If one is to justify Hamas’ actions by resorting to the letter with regard to what the Hamas Charter says, one will be considered to be naïve, since it is clear that the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood is not the largest Islamic movement, as said Charter says, but the largest Islamist movement. Notice the difference in the wording, an Islamic movement promotes Islamic values which even though we may not agree with them, is very different from the Islamist regime that Hamas is trying to impose. Islamism is the political current that wishes to install political regimes that take certain elements from Islam to advance other political causes under the façade of religion.

It would be puerile for anyone to think that the aims of Hamas and its financiers are purely religious objectives. What really goes on behind the scenes of this so-called “religious” movement is in fact a desire of its sponsors to control the Middle-East and to control the petrol supply lines, commerce and the military, without having to adhere to the “bothersome” ways of democracy and the rule of law. Let us remember that this mise en scène put into place by Hamas about promoting “Islamic” values is really a political collusion between Iran and Saudi Arabia along with some minor players and some hidden ones. One cannot help but to ask this question; how is it that if the Saudis are financing rebels in Syria under the guise that they are promoting Sunni Moslems, which in turn places them in opposition to the Shiite-backed regime of Mr. Assad financed by Shiites from Iran, that both Sunnis and Shiites are working together in Gaza to finance Hamas?

The Wahabis in Saudi Arabia are financing Sunni terrorism throughout the Arab peninsula and deeply dislike Iran, so how is it then that they finance Hamas, which works closely with Iran? For those naïve enough to think that peace would be achieved in the Middle East by eliminating Israel, God forbid, truth of the matter is that even in the hypothetical situation where that were to happen, the age-old rivalries between Sunnis and Shiites, who colluded to fight the Wahabis, would result into a continued struggle and violence would not recede. We need to keep in mind that Israel is just the but de guerre that is currently being used, in an opportunistic move by Saudi Arabia and Iran to justify the positioning of terrorist organisations such as Hamas, Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood, but they had other “common enemies” in the past.

It would be completely nonsensical to think that with the hatred with which the political agitators of these branches of Islam act, that they would reconcile with each other and that peace would be achieved. The difference between Sunni Muslims and Shiite Muslims dates back to the writing of the Quran, because of an issue related to the succession of the leadership after Mohammad died. Israel did not exist back then as it did today and yet there was bloodshed and chaos because of the fact that some believed that Muhammad should be succeeded by a member of his family where others believed he should be succeeded by an ideal person.

In reality what really went on, just like it happens with most organised religions, is that there was a power struggle for other aims, not necessarily related with axiology or religion but where religion had been used as a weapon to control and subdue the masses that end up fighting battles and wars that in the end are only going to benefit the agitators of those conflicts in the first place, and to the sole and personal benefit of the stirrers of those conflicts.

I presented this hypothetical example just so the detractors of Israel can see that even in the absence of the Jewish state, there would not be any peace in the Middle East or in Africa. I am not intending for my words to be misused, since I presented the hypothetical example to further strengthen my position of total support for Israel, but that does not mean that I am in favour of eliminating Israel, quite the contrary, I am a pro-Israel advocate because I truly believe the Israel is a nation that has brought great things to the world, and even if it had not done so, it has a right to exist, plain and simple.

Knowing that there is International Law and that the States are bound to adhere to international law, I do not understand how is it then, that the international community points the finger at Israel for defending itself, but they do not point the fingers to Saudi Arabia for financing terrorist organisations. It seems as if the petrol cartels are more powerful than Justice. Under International Law, Israel has the right to defend itself from any foreign aggression, especially when it is perpetrated by a group of countries who in theory are in conflict with each other, but in reality act in a colluded way but who are sneaky enough to create an umbrella organisation under the name of Hamas, to attack Israel with impunity because it is not a State, so International Law is not applied to it.

I guess people just do not pay attention to the daily news that show how is it that Israel gets bombarded by al-Kassam rockets almost on a daily basis, or how is it that Israeli medics and hospitals take care of people living in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, for free, or how is it that thousands of people living the Gaza Strip and the West Bank areas work inside Israel because the Palestinian Authority does not do anything for them, other than to subject them to the horrors of state terrorism.

If the international community were to act fairly and according to Justice, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Russia, Sudan, South Sudan and China, should be subject to sanctions. In the case of Saudi Arabia, Iran and Syria, it is obvious, they are the actors on stage that finance these terrorist organisations, but there are also other players who are not as conspicuous but they definitely play their role. Russia and China vetoed the resolution at the United Nations that would have changed things in Syria, had the resolution gone through, it would have ousted an open supporter of Hezbollah and Hamas such as Mr. Assad, plus Russia sees Iran and Syria as strategic proxies and it condones the atrocities that the ayatollah and Mr. Assad commit; Sudan is where the weapons get manufactured and transported via underground tunnels from Egypt to the Gaza strip and China is acting in accordance to what Russia says, when it comes to affecting Israel and the West.
Israel, just like any other nation on Earth, has the right to self-defence; it is one of the underlying principles of any sovereign state. The media has the obligation to present the facts and not its opinions and the international community has the duty to enforce international law. What is happening in Israel has translated into other areas of Europe, Asia, Africa and even America. It is time to stop this and the way to do it is by spreading the word of what really goes on in Israel, after all, we may think of Israel as a far-away nation, but what is happening today in the Middle East may set the stage and blueprint for the world to come during the next fifty years.

Noah-dating: The Second Part


Allow me first of all to thank you for reading these lines. I know you are very busy and I appreciate you taking the time to read what I am about to write. I decided to write this because of two reasons, firstly because I wish to thank God for his infinite kindness and the opportunity he has given us today to initiate a new process in our lives, I say us because I am referring to my girlfriend and I and though I feel ashamed that I only wrote this until now and that I have not written before to thank God for so many  blessings He has given me, it would be worse if I keep quiet and keep this knowledge from others that can help them. The second reason is that my girlfriend wishes us to share this with others so that not only us enjoy this happiness.

It has been a learning and enriching process for the both of us, starting from the fact that it was not an easy journey, we both had many obstacles and hurdles along the way which we had to sort through to get to this point and yester night we decided to formalise our relationship by giving it a name. Many people have helped us through to learn and become better people so I would like to share my experience with you so that you too can enrich your relationship, if you have one, or begin a new one with the right person.

Noahism is not about isms, it is rather the way to live and though many will shun on the fact that not congregating at a place of worship of his or her personal god is evil or detrimental or that because one does not read the Jewish Torah, which is the everlasting inheritance and gift from God to the Jewish people only, makes no sense and that everyone should be allowed to study the Torah as if it were a matter of public domain, is the biggest mistake when approaching life because us Noahides have a sacred path comprised of Seven Universal Commandments given by God to the nations of the world so that we can live rich and fulfilling lives.

So the very first piece of advice that I humbly give to those who are looking into enriching their lives and their relationships is, first of all, to follow the Universal Commandments given to the nations. Do not try to take what is not yours, the Jewish Torah and the Jewish culture is Jewish for a reason, so that this priestly nation can shed light unto the rest of the nations and though many who do not know the culture well envy it, truth of the matter is that those of us who know a bit about it, once we start living our lives as they are meant to be lived, that is, enjoying what is permitted and staying away from what is forbidden, begin to see changes in our lives that allow us to live in peace and harmony with our fellow humans and with God and rather than trying to imitate the Jewish people, we learn to love them for what they have taught us and because love stems from respect, we do not steal their property.

It would be foolish for me to say that I have learned everything when in fact it is the contrary, I am still learning because I hardly know anything, but one thing that I have seen with my own eyes is that when one lives a life without religion and does things correctly, things begin to change for the better which is a logical process, if you think about it, because you do not label yourself with a religious denomination aimed at hindering and incarcerating you, rather you live freely and though you may not agree with someone else’s idolatry, instead of shunning on them you shun on their idolatry but not on the people who practise it.

So this takes me to the second advice, since one is leading a rich and fulfilling life, one is in no need to let his EGO arise and one finds himself in a place of tranquility which allows one to see people for who they are; this is very important because one sees the world with open eyes and hears with open ears, and touches with open touch and tastes with open taste and breathes with open breathing because the heavy rock that once laid on his chest is gone.

So this brings as a consequence the flow of authentic communication since one has learned to tame his EGO which allows him to talk to other people without masks. Why is this important? It is important since one can express his true feelings. If there is something that brings down a relationship quickly is the use of masks because people fall in love with personas as opposed to the real human being whom is behind the mask. As I was in the process of courting my girlfriend, which by the way, I still am because courtship is a continuous activity if one wishes for love to be alive, I tried to be as honest and as free of masks as I could, so this brings about the third piece of advice which is to be yourself; if the person likes you be fair enough to let them fall in love with whom you are and not with whom you pretend to be, since you may find yourself been able to conquer whom you desire but not to be able to get together with whom you wish to be. Notice the subtle but very important difference, on the one hand your mask and your masque is all about putting on a façade that eventually will fall while on the other hand by you acting honestly and authentically you are able to get together with the person you wish to be with as opposed to “conquering” that person.

As a counsellor which I have learned to be during the years since I became coordinator of FULVIDA in Costa Rica, many people have shared many stories with me; you will be surprised at how open and honest communication can allow you to be with the person whom you desire; I have found that most people are insecure because their egos make them feel insecure though they have no reason to be, most people desire company and practically everyone wishes to be loved. So do not be a sadist-timid, as one of my best friends has dubbed people who are not timid but sadists, and be yourself, not whom you wish to be or whom others wish you to be. I will have to say that though I am not a psychologist, my career has taught me many things and one of them is that pampering somebody all the time is only going to lead to an inflated ego, so treat people with respect, paying genuine compliments but do not over-indulge into pampering them lest you wish to end up with the short end of the stick. So this covers the fourth piece of advice.

Learn to choose the right person for you. One thing I have learned is that though there might be a soul mate, which I am not sure of, truth of the matter is that most couples can be soul mates if they so desire by learning to accept each other with all virtues and flaws and to look past those. I will give you an example. I have been involved into politics all my life so it is natural to me that I will talk about it, that I will openly advocate for Israel and that I will express my opinions which usually come with the fact that you end up getting involved in the political world. My girlfriend told me she does not like politics and that she does not wish to be part of it though she respects my opinions and that she will not interfere in my political career. She was afraid that I would like her less for that and she asked me if that would be the case. I told her that far from making me like her less it makes me like her more because that shows she is an individual with her own opinion and not a shadow of myself.

I do not recall who said a phrase which caught my attention but it was somewhere along the line that when two people think identically it is because one of them is doing the thinking for both so this brings about my fifth piece of advice; choose the right person not because that person is a shadow of yourself but because that person is an individual who has his or her own opinion and who is not afraid to share it with you.

People tend to leave in the past or in the future but never in the present where things are happening and as a result of that they end up with painful pasts and uncertain futures. Do not worry if that person is “the one” rather worry about turning that person into “the one” by loving without expecting anything in return, only then have you gotten rid of the EGO and are you able to fully appreciate yourself and that person. So you see, God has designed the world so that we love without expecting anything in return and when we truly do so the effect multiplies to the point where love reigns and hatred and polarisation are suppressed. Take it one day at a time and make your significant other fall in love with you a bit more every day. Maybe it is not about buying brand-new convertibles, maybe it is about opening a door, fixing breakfast every once in a while, giving a token of appreciation, but most important of all, not putting that person in a pedestal, because you cease to be a free human being and you behave like a slave and attractiveness is lost. Does that mean you have to mistreat your partner? Not at all, it means that because you love that person you treat that person as a human being and you correct them when they are wrong and you praise them when they do good things. No one is completely perfect but by the same token no one is completely imperfect, so there will always be room for constructive criticism as there will also be room for moderate praise.

Focus on that person but also have a life. Always look into improving yourself and do not let a day go by where youimprove yourself and you do nothelp your partner improve as well. Relationships are about construction and not about destruction. If you are in a relationship where you are the only one giving then something is wrong. So you kill desperation by suppressing your egotistical surges and you act normally by conducting yourself through life as an average person doing not-so-average things. Enjoy life and focus on making every day a bit better. Remember, you need to be attractive and to be attractive you can’t embrace death, embrace life and you will see the difference.

Be ready to walk away from someone who does not appreciate you or the things you do for them. You are worth it and you are God’s miracle, you have a mission to fulfil and you should learn to value yourself for who you are, do not be chauvinistic but do not be a masochist who loves torturing himself with things that happened or that you think will happen. Remember, there are billions of people in the world and you know you hold the key to elevating your partner and those around you so do not drown in a glass of water.

Write down a list of things you have done correctly and things you have done wrongly and remember them so that you do not trip on the same rock twice but do not become obsessed with those facts. Learn to harness the power of experience to build a possible profile of your partner but do not live in the past thinking that your partner will do this or that just because somebody else had done it to you, though learn to see behavioural patterns, that way you will be able to have an inkling of what they could do.

Lastly, be thankful to God for the blessing you have received and share your knowledge with others. Remember that thankfulness is not only a matter of words but of deeds as well so be grateful and allow others to learn from your experiences so that they too can enjoy a rich and fulfilling life while they too, will pass on the knowledge to others.

What I have learned about the Jewish people


One of the things that I believe it compels Noahides to seek Judaism relates to the fact that at least as far as Christianity and Islam are concerned, their leaders placed blame on the Jewish people for the decease of a fictitious character which was the product of an empire which sought to maintain its hegemony at the expense of the wellbeing of others and when Noahides wake up they see the blessings of the Jewish people and we want to be part of those blessings.

So when people wake up from the nightmare they were living where nice words and seeming hospitality at a church or mosque are used to beguile and scheme people out of their money, it comes as no surprise that everything becomes tergiversated to fit these ends and that one of the main tools that will be used will nicety so that people whom are starving for attention and refuge fall prey to these so-called leaders and they will squander their resources in exchange for fake warmth and care.

That summarises the modus operandi used by the religions of the world, especially those related to Christology where Islam falls within that category even if Muslims deny this fact, since most of them, particularly the Shiites, recognise the lad of the cross as enlightened and place blame on the Jewish people for his decease. That is the propaganda they spread to justify their odious deeds and to seek approval from the ever-complacent so-called intelligentsia that has been educated under the auspice of petro-dollars for the past two decades.

When they used to tell me that a dove impregnated a virgin it was hard for me to comprehend that, especially when my mother had taught us since a very young age the way the reproductive process in humans works, so to believe that a dove becomes a spirit and impregnates a young woman and that she gave birth to a son without leaving trace in her mother’s body was not only completely illogical but an insult to intelligence as well.

I don’t even think the Grimm brothers could have devised such fantasy much less with the gore and cruelty that accompanies Christology, so it is no surprise that I was not fond of believing such non-sense because my mother taught my siblings and I not to believe such lies nevertheless social pressure builds up and when you live in an idolatrous world you will be subject to that pressure where you are seen as a phenomenon if you do not follow their non-sense rituals. Perhaps this is the reason why so many people fall prey to religion, not so much because they believe the non-sense it teaches but because they want to fit into society.

When I started interacting with Jewish people more, one of the things that I loved was the fact that I was allowed to act in freedom. I quickly found that Jewish people do not care if you are Jewish or not, well at least the majority of observant Jews, obviously you have a small segment which is a minority that tends to see non-Jews as inferior however out of personal experience I can confidently say that it is a minority and that the majority of Jews that I know are pleasant, courteous, educated, polite and inviting.

I also learned that they are industrious and frugal and they are constant in what they do. Their thoroughness must come from the strict rules that the Torah establishes so that they follow the mitzvoth to the letter and that is what I believe it to be the source of their thoroughness. Most Jews that I know are giving and they love passing on knowledge to others. Many will sit down and have something to teach; perhaps that is the reason why they are involved in education, a great percentage of the teachers I had in High School were Jewish. It was a Jewish teacher who introduced us into the world of Algebra, it was a Jewish teacher who taught us Economics, and I could continue on naming subjects where these teachers left their mark in many of us.

Jews are also kind, my family can attest to that. One cannot be blind to reality and say that every Jewish person is kind and giving, as I previously stated, some minorities are not like that, but the majority are. So there is no other reason to believe that all hatred towards them is the result of the fact that because of their orderliness, clarity, thoroughness and punctuality         added to their industriousness and their frugality creates a winning formula for prosperity and that while they shine we make an extra effort to dull ourselves.

I will take our beloved Noahide treasure comprised of the Seven Noahide Laws and I will take those traditional concepts it contains and I will translate them into modern terms just like our Moreh does with the Jewish Torah so that we can see these great principles with a modern eye.

In addition to these traits Jewish people are family-oriented, they have a saying “a united family will never be vanquished” so emphasis on family is very important. Now if we take these concepts from the Jewish people and apply them into our lives we will see that those traits though they may be inherent to Jews they are in fact part of the Seven Noahide Laws. Here is why:

–          Orderliness: The principle of orderliness is implied in the way the Seven Noahide Laws have been arranged following a logical process starting from the belief in one God all the way down to the establishment of courts of justice.

–          Clarity: The Seven Noahide laws are delineated clearly and concisely. Wordiness is done away with and they are straight to the point.

–          Thoroughness: The Seven Universal Commandments require that of all them are thoroughly followed so that one can effectively reconcile himself with the rest of the world thus being able to become and effective builder of Shalom.

–          Punctuality: The Seven Noahide Laws require that we act on the spot, we cannot delay ourselves in following them otherwise their effect is lost.

–          Industriousness: The Seven Noahide Laws when followed to the letter, help us control our EGO and allow us to lead an authentic life, since we are no longer blinded by egotistical desires all four preceding principles hold true and automatically we will become industrious since we set ourselves into a kinetic motion of forward movement.

–          Frugality: Since the EGO no longer meddles in our lives as often as it previously had, we have no need to be pompous or braggarts and this automatically entails a rational use of our resources, hence frugality occurs.

–          Fraternity: All preceding principles lead to the ultimate success which is the establishment of a family and fraternal ties, I use the word fraternal because not all families are composed of blood-ties; an individual who leads an authentic life, who is organised and clear about who he is and what he wants, who is thorough in all his doings because he believes that what is worth doing is worth doing well, who is punctual in his doings because he does not leave for tomorrow or later what can be done now,, just by doing these four things he has set himself into motion, which is a forward-way of moving that works during the present and ensures a successful future and because he no longer has a need to boast about who he is or who he wishes to be, he manages his resources   in a frugal way which is not skimpy but is not wasteful.

Frugality is about spending in an intelligent way so a person this wholesome realises that as an individual he is one but that he is in need of finding a partner who shares his same beliefs and who is willing to put on the yoke so that both of them, resembling a pair of oxen, are able to pull the cart simultaneously thus creating equality, which is a the major premise for respect which in turn engenders love, attraction, the desire to make the other person happy, etc, and those are the elements of a successful marriage and of a successful family.

It is true that the Jewish people have been tremendously blessed with the giving of the Torah and that as a people they are prosperous, however if one analyses the roots of their prosperity they lie in very simple and easy to follow principles which anybody can apply but that we often resist because following them means that we have to put our EGO’s aside, so just like the prisoner who learns to love his cell no matter how filthy or unhealthy it may be, so do people hold on to their EGO’s and that is precisely the reason why we end up losing, because we cling onto fantasy instead of setting a foot on reality.

So we can conclude that there is no need to pretend being someone we are not, but we can definitely learn from those who do things better than us so that we can emulate them to the extent that boundaries allow thus we will become prosperous and we will be able to realize our full potential in a manner that will lead us into fulfilling our mission in this world.

Have a nice week.