What I have learned about the Jewish people


One of the things that I believe it compels Noahides to seek Judaism relates to the fact that at least as far as Christianity and Islam are concerned, their leaders placed blame on the Jewish people for the decease of a fictitious character which was the product of an empire which sought to maintain its hegemony at the expense of the wellbeing of others and when Noahides wake up they see the blessings of the Jewish people and we want to be part of those blessings.

So when people wake up from the nightmare they were living where nice words and seeming hospitality at a church or mosque are used to beguile and scheme people out of their money, it comes as no surprise that everything becomes tergiversated to fit these ends and that one of the main tools that will be used will nicety so that people whom are starving for attention and refuge fall prey to these so-called leaders and they will squander their resources in exchange for fake warmth and care.

That summarises the modus operandi used by the religions of the world, especially those related to Christology where Islam falls within that category even if Muslims deny this fact, since most of them, particularly the Shiites, recognise the lad of the cross as enlightened and place blame on the Jewish people for his decease. That is the propaganda they spread to justify their odious deeds and to seek approval from the ever-complacent so-called intelligentsia that has been educated under the auspice of petro-dollars for the past two decades.

When they used to tell me that a dove impregnated a virgin it was hard for me to comprehend that, especially when my mother had taught us since a very young age the way the reproductive process in humans works, so to believe that a dove becomes a spirit and impregnates a young woman and that she gave birth to a son without leaving trace in her mother’s body was not only completely illogical but an insult to intelligence as well.

I don’t even think the Grimm brothers could have devised such fantasy much less with the gore and cruelty that accompanies Christology, so it is no surprise that I was not fond of believing such non-sense because my mother taught my siblings and I not to believe such lies nevertheless social pressure builds up and when you live in an idolatrous world you will be subject to that pressure where you are seen as a phenomenon if you do not follow their non-sense rituals. Perhaps this is the reason why so many people fall prey to religion, not so much because they believe the non-sense it teaches but because they want to fit into society.

When I started interacting with Jewish people more, one of the things that I loved was the fact that I was allowed to act in freedom. I quickly found that Jewish people do not care if you are Jewish or not, well at least the majority of observant Jews, obviously you have a small segment which is a minority that tends to see non-Jews as inferior however out of personal experience I can confidently say that it is a minority and that the majority of Jews that I know are pleasant, courteous, educated, polite and inviting.

I also learned that they are industrious and frugal and they are constant in what they do. Their thoroughness must come from the strict rules that the Torah establishes so that they follow the mitzvoth to the letter and that is what I believe it to be the source of their thoroughness. Most Jews that I know are giving and they love passing on knowledge to others. Many will sit down and have something to teach; perhaps that is the reason why they are involved in education, a great percentage of the teachers I had in High School were Jewish. It was a Jewish teacher who introduced us into the world of Algebra, it was a Jewish teacher who taught us Economics, and I could continue on naming subjects where these teachers left their mark in many of us.

Jews are also kind, my family can attest to that. One cannot be blind to reality and say that every Jewish person is kind and giving, as I previously stated, some minorities are not like that, but the majority are. So there is no other reason to believe that all hatred towards them is the result of the fact that because of their orderliness, clarity, thoroughness and punctuality         added to their industriousness and their frugality creates a winning formula for prosperity and that while they shine we make an extra effort to dull ourselves.

I will take our beloved Noahide treasure comprised of the Seven Noahide Laws and I will take those traditional concepts it contains and I will translate them into modern terms just like our Moreh does with the Jewish Torah so that we can see these great principles with a modern eye.

In addition to these traits Jewish people are family-oriented, they have a saying “a united family will never be vanquished” so emphasis on family is very important. Now if we take these concepts from the Jewish people and apply them into our lives we will see that those traits though they may be inherent to Jews they are in fact part of the Seven Noahide Laws. Here is why:

–          Orderliness: The principle of orderliness is implied in the way the Seven Noahide Laws have been arranged following a logical process starting from the belief in one God all the way down to the establishment of courts of justice.

–          Clarity: The Seven Noahide laws are delineated clearly and concisely. Wordiness is done away with and they are straight to the point.

–          Thoroughness: The Seven Universal Commandments require that of all them are thoroughly followed so that one can effectively reconcile himself with the rest of the world thus being able to become and effective builder of Shalom.

–          Punctuality: The Seven Noahide Laws require that we act on the spot, we cannot delay ourselves in following them otherwise their effect is lost.

–          Industriousness: The Seven Noahide Laws when followed to the letter, help us control our EGO and allow us to lead an authentic life, since we are no longer blinded by egotistical desires all four preceding principles hold true and automatically we will become industrious since we set ourselves into a kinetic motion of forward movement.

–          Frugality: Since the EGO no longer meddles in our lives as often as it previously had, we have no need to be pompous or braggarts and this automatically entails a rational use of our resources, hence frugality occurs.

–          Fraternity: All preceding principles lead to the ultimate success which is the establishment of a family and fraternal ties, I use the word fraternal because not all families are composed of blood-ties; an individual who leads an authentic life, who is organised and clear about who he is and what he wants, who is thorough in all his doings because he believes that what is worth doing is worth doing well, who is punctual in his doings because he does not leave for tomorrow or later what can be done now,, just by doing these four things he has set himself into motion, which is a forward-way of moving that works during the present and ensures a successful future and because he no longer has a need to boast about who he is or who he wishes to be, he manages his resources   in a frugal way which is not skimpy but is not wasteful.

Frugality is about spending in an intelligent way so a person this wholesome realises that as an individual he is one but that he is in need of finding a partner who shares his same beliefs and who is willing to put on the yoke so that both of them, resembling a pair of oxen, are able to pull the cart simultaneously thus creating equality, which is a the major premise for respect which in turn engenders love, attraction, the desire to make the other person happy, etc, and those are the elements of a successful marriage and of a successful family.

It is true that the Jewish people have been tremendously blessed with the giving of the Torah and that as a people they are prosperous, however if one analyses the roots of their prosperity they lie in very simple and easy to follow principles which anybody can apply but that we often resist because following them means that we have to put our EGO’s aside, so just like the prisoner who learns to love his cell no matter how filthy or unhealthy it may be, so do people hold on to their EGO’s and that is precisely the reason why we end up losing, because we cling onto fantasy instead of setting a foot on reality.

So we can conclude that there is no need to pretend being someone we are not, but we can definitely learn from those who do things better than us so that we can emulate them to the extent that boundaries allow thus we will become prosperous and we will be able to realize our full potential in a manner that will lead us into fulfilling our mission in this world.

Have a nice week.

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  1. Very good work my friend, I’m surprised about your wisdom and intelligence, I also think prosperity of the jewish people comes from their obedience to their commandments, and we can emulate them with the obedience of ours as you suggest, that would be the branches of our commandments. About Jebus I believe there’s nothing more to say. Shalom.

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